The one-week retreat was very fruitful because I was clear where I stand now based on ShiFu’s teaching. In the teaching each step of accomplishment has a clean-cut definition. It’s rather easy to examine the achievement after each meditation. Most importantly, I’m aware that I’ve been in the last stage before the “Chan Appearance”.

My upcoming challenge will be keeping the top-quality focus for more than 20-40 minutes within the “over-the-body stage” in order to experience the first “Chan Appearance”. In fact, I’ve failed to achieve that situation after many trials during the retreat. The problems can be attributed to (1) my leg-work is only good for 50-60 minutes and (2) my intensity level needs to be enhanced to one more notch. I’m hoping I can have a breakthrough in the near future.

In addition, I also learned about the overall picture of the complete practice path. Although I’m still far from being a great practitioner, at least I know what is the right direction to go. That’s another plus I gained from the retreat.

Thanks a million for the valuable teaching!