Santavana Forest Hermitage, with great honor, invited Professor Bhante Seevali to deliver an English dharma talk entitled “Spiritual Investment” on 27th of August, 2018. There were many people attending the talk. 

Bhante has first delineated that the purpose of our life is to seek permanent happiness like what the Buddha has achieved. Unlike animals, only the human beings can differentiate right from wrong actions. Therefore we should follow the principle teaching of the Buddha that is “not to do bad but to do good” in order to be happy now and later.

No body can predict one’s time of death, place of death, under what circumstances one will have to face death, the thought that occurs at the time of death and also the place one will be born after the death.

As the foundation for the permanent happiness, one can start with managing a peaceful family life and one’s wealth. According to the Buddha’s teaching, one’s wealth can be divided into four portions, i.e. 25% for one’s living expenses and also for the welfare of others, 50% one must invest for a better return and the remaining 25% must be saved for emergency use.

Bhante emphasized on the importance of wearing a smile always on the face and to talk pleasant words to others.

To observe and develop mindfulness one must practise, at least, a minimum of five minutes of meditation daily as it would help us to get rid of the harmful, daily physical and mental stress enormously.

Lastly, Bhante said according to the Buddha, only a few will have happy rebirths after their deaths. We, therefore, need to strive diligently to do good and to be good so that we can be peaceful and blissful here and hereafter.