On April 23rd, our renovation team including construction workers started the first stage of the Education Promotion Centre of Santavana Forest Hermitage remodeling project. We are hoping the renovation will be completed by end of December, which will be in time for Santavana Forest Hermitage 20th anniversary celebration.

We want to thank everyone who supported our first fundraising campaign, as result of your generosity we raised enough fund to purchase the centra building. However, we need 800,000 MYR to renovate and furnish the space. We started a “8,000 good fortunes” fundraising campaign several months ago, every 100 MYR donated is considered as 100 good fortunes. At this point, 3,000 people have supported our campaign, but we still need 500,000 MYR to help us meet our goal. We invite you to be our sponsor to bring our vision to reality and to be a part of our new education centra that will benefit many generations.

The new education centra is a multi-functional space. It serves as a place to encourage tea culture, calligraphy, painting, yoga and other cultural activities for people to blend and inspire, while also provides opportunities to cultivate leadership and personal development for young people. It is a wonderful relaxing place for metropolitans to take a break from their busy lives to rejuvenate.

1)Support “8,000 good fortunes” campaign,donate 100 MYR

bank wire information: 

bank: CIMB Bank
account name: The Registered Trustees of Santavana Forest Hermitage
account number:  8007983633

2)We have special gifts for sponsors who made large amount of donation

potjjcl potcf potrzdy
Purple Clay teapot engraved with Acariya Kaiyin’s calligraphy 

Crystal Statues of Sakyamuni Buddha and Two Disciples

 teab  teag
Puer tea for Santavana Forest Hermitage 20th Anniversary

Limited Edition of Maitreya Buddha Statue

Detail information whatsapp contact 0164488715
 or wechat ID : santapabhata

Santavana Forest Hermitage Education Promotion Center Fundraising Team

May 10th, 2018



Building exterior after renovation

Discussion among engineers

Discussion among team members

Renovation progress for first week of May

Demolished wall